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Municipal or state economic development, lotteries, utilities (i.e. electricity conservation messages), membership drives, educational institutions/organizations, armed forces marketing communications. Includes political messages and special interest/trad



Solving problems for parents

Foxford is an online supplementary education school which offers a comprehensive approach to teaching and preparing children for exams. How do we explain our novel teaching format to one of the most conservative of categories? Address the parents who urgently try to find the way to prepare their kids for finals, but have no idea what to tackle first and offer them a one-stop-shop solution: Foxford.

Brand: Online School Foxford
Client: Online School Foxford
Agency: Friends Moscow

Two Minutes of Sweet Content

This online campaign got busy, internet-savvy Singaporeans to take the Diabetes Risk Assessment (DRA). We pandered to their craving for entertaining Internet content to “tease-and-ease” them into taking the test. The content we created was a series of Facebook posts, each a two-minute video of “wasteful entertainment” – from silly brain teasers to inexplicably mesmerising motion. After capturing their attention, we pointed out to them that they could have completed the DRA in the time they wasted, viewing our video. We made the stimulus the message!

Brand: Health Promotion Board
Client: Health Promotion Board
Agency: DDB Group Singapore

Yearbook Invisible Children

Brand: Reinserta
Client: Reinserta
Agency: Leo Burnett Mexico

2019_hk_2019_e-97-769_hero_1 Hagar International Reality Check
2019_co_2019_e-100-657_hero_1 BANCOLOMBIA La Escuela De La Sostenibilidad
2019_co_2019_e-127-641_hero_1 POLITÉCNICO GRANCOLOMBIANO Redefiniendo La Educación

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