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Slim Chin

After a 5-year hiatus, adidas basketball was launching signature shoes for their two biggest athletes. Unfortunately, the largest character in basketball, LeBron James, was on everyones mind. It was clear that, if we wanted to sell shoes, we needed a larger-than-life character of our own. So we created one. Enter Slim Chin, a proponent of all things fast. Next thing you know, the world embraced his sales pitch: Fast Dont Lie. In the end, a five-foot-three, fictional character, towered over a king and adidas stole the throne of signature shoes.

Brand: adidas Basketball
Client: adidas America, Inc.
Agency: 180LA

Rivals Are Forever

New Era wanted to re-launch the brand and transform itself from a multi-million-dollar head-wear manufacturer to a $1 billion global lifestyle brand. We did this by building a campaign that tapped into a universal theme of fan allegiance, passion and intensity that our target audience hardcore sport and pop culture fans alike - would instantly recognize and embrace: Team Rivalry. A campaign that not only helped increase New Era sales by 35% over a five-month period, but became a huge cultural phenomenon.

Brand: New Era
Client: New Era
Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers

Dockers' Return to Manhood

Khaki pants, once a symbol of rugged masculinity and freedom from suits and ties had become the default uniform of cube dwelling middle-aged middle managers. Which was a problem for Dockers, the category leader. Our task was to give the brand back its potency and reverse a long-term downturn. Our creative solution, 'Wear The Pants', did this and more. By highlighting the societal issue of the male decline, we touched a nerve with men and society as a whole as to what being a man might mean.

Brand: Dockers
Client: Levi Strauss & Co.
Agency: Draftfcb San Francisco

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