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Toddler University

To position Toddler University as the smartest choice within the category because TU engineers shoes specifically for kids- offering the prime combination of technological superiority, customized fit, and unique styling. Also, to generate awareness and interest in the new company and depict Toddler University as a major player in the market.

Brand: Toddler University
Client: Toddler U, Inc.
Agency: Angotti, Thomas, Hedge, Inc.

G.H. Bass & Co.

The G.H. Bass & Co. once owned a huge brand equity, i.e. a well recognized name and a large number of consumers who have or had experience with the Brand. The advertising campaign's goal is to re-reestablish Bass as a leader in American Casual Style through a new commitment to quality. The goal of contemporizing the Brand image without losing the Heritage of the company is the foundation of the campaign.

Brand: Bass
Client: G.H. Bass & Co.
Agency: Lintas: Worldwide

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