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MengNiu ----Nest compass

During the 2018 Spring Festival,Mengniu Pure Milk developed a virtual compass, named "Nest Compass". Neither pointing north nor south, it always pointed home. Using the Compass, consumers could see the distance away from home, and could also exchange the “distance” to corresponding purchase discount. This campaign successfully solved the major problems that Mengniu Pure Milk’s lack of the role in the festival market, and overstock product in the off-season market.

Brand: MengNiu Milk
Client: Mengniu
Agency: Hylink

How we gained share by losing belly fat

Brand: Lipton
Client: Hindustan Unilever Limited
Agency: DDB Mudra Group

Tymbark Prank!

We wanted to fill a space of needs for novelty and fun among the young group, so we focused on creating a tool that naturally interests TG, giving them the opportunity to unperturbed contact with the product in the background, but so clear that it will not be impossible to overlook the brand. We wanted to use the innovative trend from social media to deliver an application equipped with new and funny animations presented in augmented reality. Usage of this technology caused the brand's message reached a whole new level.

Brand: Tymbark
Client: Grupa Maspex
Agency: Grupa Me & My Friends

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