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Cases eligible for this category must represent the only communications efforts for this brand (brand defined as listed in the “brand” question of the Effie entry form) during the time period that the effort entered ran. 



'We Each Have What It Takes to Make an Imprint'

Taking inspiration from Nelson Mandela, the most powerful icon against social injustice, we set out on an effort to create a self-sustaining and self-fulfilling movement of people globally that would carry on his vision for a better world. Faced with multiple barriers including limited time and budget, we orchestrated Mandela Day: a celebration of one individual's ability to make an impact. In just six weeks, we saw an outstanding response and incredible results, helping us to lay the foundation for a long-term mission and invoke change across the globe.

Brand: Mandela Day
Client: 46664 Ltd
Agency: Gotham Inc.

A Fuller Spectrum of News's challenge was to grow the brand by defining and differentiating it in a world of strong competition. Learning that was appreciated for being open to the entire editorial continuum - from the war in Iraq to Angelina Jolie - we created's first branding campaign, "A Fuller Spectrum of News." Identifying a new target, the News Explorer, we connected with them using RSS feeds to fuel an online game, a screensaver and the first in-theater, audience-participation game. While the category focuses on news consumption, owns its enjoyment.

Agency: SS+K

2 SMRT 4U Internet Safety Campaign

The 2 SMRT 4U Internet Safety Campaign's objective was to increase the awareness of Internet risks by encouraging teen females to change their online behavior to avoid disclosing personal information on networking sites and blogs. At the campaign's center was the free 2 SMRT 4U ring that teens ordered and wore as a tangible daily reminder, and that offered online safety tips. The campaign was successful on many levels, including a 50% reduction in teens' willingness to meet with someone they first met online, and over 440,000 rings ordered.

Brand: United States Postal Inspection Service
Client: United States Postal Inspection Service
Agency: Campbell-Ewald

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