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Cases eligible for this category must represent the only communications efforts for this brand (brand defined as listed in the “brand” question of the Effie entry form) during the time period that the effort entered ran. 




Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Client: Daimler
Agency: Jung von Matt

Ford Ecosport

Brand: Ford
Client: Ford Europe
Agency: Blue Hive

The Great Paper Airplane Project

The Pima Air and Space Museum's Great Paper Airplane project is a story about how a little known museum in the Arizona desert created new relevance for their physical artifacts of aviation history by making a little history of their own. Instead of traditional advertising, the client and the agency hatched a scheme to teach applied lessons in math and science inherent to aviation through a paper airplane competition that led to the design, construction and flight of the largest known paper airplane in history.

Brand: Pima Air & Space Museum
Client: Pima Air & Space Museum
Agency: BBDO San Francisco

2019_ru_2019_2503_hero_1 Lexus Lexus Instagram Hijack
2019_us_2019_e-3985-430_hero_1 Cascadian Farm Cascadian Farm: Good from the Ground Up
2019_co_2019_e-201-077_hero_1 Postobon - Sabores Postobon Nuestro Sabor No Tiene Raza.

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