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Magnum Pints

This paper tells the story of how Magnum invited a new, younger audience to indulge in our latest pleasure – new Magnum Pints - with its rich chocolate shards, swirled in velvety vanilla ice cream, all wrapped in a chocolate shell, made to be broken, delivering the signature cracking experience of Magnum ice cream.  We created a seductive and persuasive campaign to launch Magnum Pints across Europe in 2017. The aim was to establish Magnum as a long term global player in the fast growing and competitive premium tubs segment.  

Brand: Magnum
Client: Unilever
Agency: Lola MullenLowe

Neki Ek Ibadat

Brand: Surf Excel
Client: Hindustan Unilever Limited
Agency: Hindustan Unilever Limited

Building a better McDonald's

The casual restaurant market is expanding, but not for McDonald’s. New concepts are on the rise, meeting Belgians’ expectations and shaking up the market. Products are better, more authentic, seasonal or sourced locally. More transparency and experience are key. Some of these concepts have even raised the burger to a trendy, sophisticated icon. Value for money is expected everywhere. And as Belgians get more used to e-commerce, they embrace home food delivery. Convenience has been redefined and is starting to become more important.

We needed to face the fact that our retailer reflex driven by the international approach was inefficient and even less relevant to our Belgian customers. Time to create our own model, fundamentally reinventing our approach to meet consumer demands, while improving sales in the short term.

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald's
Agency: TBWA

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2018_in_2018_21_hero_1 Multi Brand Campaign KKD - Khushiyon Ki Doli (Palanquin of Happiness)

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