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Service communications efforts that have experienced sustained success for more than 3 years are eligible for entry.




When the 'Hospitaliano' campaign was developed, Olive Garden was on the verge of going out of business. New competitors were copying the brand outright, and it was being dramatically outspent. The work was designed to create a powerful connection with consumers that would, in turn, stem double-digit declines in sales and resurrect the brand's leagership position in value. Since the campaign was launched, Olive Garden has had ten years of uninterrupted growth, has the strongest emotional connection to consumers in the category and is #1 in value.

Brand: Olive Garden
Client: Olive Garden
Agency: Grey New York


In 1997 when the strategic idea for MasterCard was born, no one could have predicted how unendingly successful the strategy would be. But two critical events in the spring of 2006 are the most credible evidence that Priceless works not only as a sustained success of advertising excellence but also as a business tool. A rich list of business uses show how Priceless has become instrumental to the company, an asset that helped value the IPO and garnered the respect and admiration of both a corporate and consumer generation.

Brand: Mastercard
Client: MasterCard Worldwide
Agency: McCann Erickson

Goin' to work

Winning back the hearts of disheartened Pistons fans and getting them back in the seats seemed insurmountable after not delivering on promises of victories and all-star players. We decided to give the fans an active role and tie the team back to the city by asking them to go to work for their team. Goin' to work. Every night.became a social contract with the fans. And the fans went to work, helping the Pistons lead the NBA in attendance the last three years with 136 consecutive sell outs.

Brand: Detroit Pistons
Client: Detroit Pistons
Agency: OLSON

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