Branded Content

This category is for efforts that effectively reached their audience through the creation of original branded content that is not advertising.  The award honors branded content led ideas that are the heart of the communications program. 



Maybelline Make Up In The City

In 2017 we've managed to achieve lidership in terms of Total C olour C osmetics C ategory - being ahead of the biggest competitor Rimmel. Proper strategy & content allowed us to create a YouTube mini series of how-to videos called Make Up In The C ity - as a result we've improved not only the marketing metrics, share of market, but most importantly we've created an emotional bond between the customers and products as well as image of an expert.

Brand: Maybelline New York
Client: L'Oreal Polska
Agency: Labcon

Little Big Travellers: Millenial Parents' Guide To Travel

There’s never been a better time to be a traveller, and a worse one to be a hotel brand. Tough times call for smart measures; ours was to inspire millennial parents and their little big travellers to brave the world. By helping these parents to reconcile the me-first thrill of millennial travel with the kids-first responsibility of family travel, we helped Holiday Inn to find relief from mounting pressure from other hotels and short-term rental (read: Airbnb), and lift brand perception and revenue from Singapore travellers in AMEA markets.

Brand: Holiday Inn
Client: InterContinental Hotels Group (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore

Times Have Changed

Faced with ambitious life insurance growth targets and intensifying competition, Income focused on winning in its biggest customer segment: women. By committing to changing with the times and calling out the industry to do the same, Income earned women’s attention and affinity. Market share shot to a record high in several years.

Brand: Income
Client: Income
Agency: BBH Asia Pacific

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