Youth Marketing

This category will honor those efforts that successfully communicate to teens or young adults.



Finish It

After years of decline, smoking was being renormalized among teens. While young people know the dangers of regular smoking, many were social smokers who considered this not real smoking and were broadcasting their actions across the Insta-nation at scale, unwittingly helping Big Tobacco recruit the next generation of smokers. Realizing the only way to reverse this trend was leveraging our targets enormous social influence, we reinvented truth as a modern revolution to activate teens who dont smoke to band together to become the generation that ends smoking to FINISH IT."

Brand: Truth Initiative
Client: Truth Initiative
Agency: 72andSunny

Hassa Eliya

Brand: Zain
Client: Zain Iraq
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Beirut

Free Killer Tan

Despite awareness of the link between indoor tanning and melanoma, millions of young American women ages 18-24 indoor tan every year. To break through to them, we created a fake indoor tanning salon offering a Free Killer Tan. Once inside, unsuspecting customers got a seat at their own funeralwhich included a personalized R.I.P sign and a tanning-bed casket. Everything was captured and shared via online video. The results: 1 million plays on Youtube and Facebook respectively (each exceeding goal by 10x), with more than 90% of views reaching our target audience.

Brand: Mollies Fund
Client: Mollies Fund
Agency: Area 23

2018_cn_2018_066_hero_1 Whisper Whisper×Mimeng Keep Going #LikeAGirl
2018_cn_2018_069_hero_1 ZUO yogurt ZUO yogurt-The taste of youth
2018_cn_2018_077_hero_1 KFC KFC – Kids Geek Base

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