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This category will honor those efforts that successfully communicate to teens or young adults.



Book Forum. Reinvention

The book fair in Lviv – Publishers` Forum. In the era of local fairs, stores and e-commerce, people need bigger reason than just books to go to another city. We reinvented it and invited people to the Book Forum – the main cultural fest of the country where everyone has the reason to go! Emotional promo video, stories from opinion leaders, unique season ticket, Read-Trams, mysterious billboards… The whole country started talking about Book Forum, while we reached millions of views, increased online-sales and created a new reading narrative in national discussion!

Brand: Publishers’ Forum
Client: Publishers’ Forum
Agency: PlusOne

McDonald's Full-heart Support During Gaokao

For Chinese people, Gaokao is one of the most notoriously difficult and stressful moments in life.   While other brands tend to target the 9.7 million students who take Gaokao during this season, McDonald’s also talked to the 217 million past Gaokao examinees with mechanisms that enable them to re-live their Gaokao memories and provide much-needed empathy and support for Gaokao students. Not only did this elicit precious goodwill for the McDonald’s brand, it also increased sales for its hero Gaokao product by 428%.

Brand: Breakfast
Client: McDonald's China
Agency: BBDO

How SNICKERS turned a product news into real sensation

SNICKERS activation "Who are you when you're hungry" completely changes the perception of product launches. To bring more attention to the brand, we replace the logo on packs with hunger traits. We augmented the hunger bars with news, anticipated by our audience more than anything else - 5 versions of a new video clip from a popular rap band "Khleb" before its official release. Incredible engagement: 20M views on Youtube, number 1 in annual Youtube LeaderBoard, lots of discussions around in social networks - that resulted with long-awaited positive change in sales dynamics.

Client: Mars LLC
Agency: BBDO Moscow

2019_sg_2019_21_hero_1 Martell NCF The Curious Crew
2019_us_2019_e-3590-053_hero_1 5 Gum 5 Gum: Regrets to Fight Regrets
2019_ru_2019_1533_hero_1 Maybelline New York Viral video "SO DIFFERENT SKINS"

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