Youth Marketing

This category will honor those efforts that successfully communicate to teens or young adults.



Happy losing!

Russian families rarely play Board games, because for most, it's still boring chess or dominoes. In this case, Hasbro should become an ambassador of the category and take responsibility for the development of Board games culture in Russia! We decided to do this based on a strong parental insight: One of the most emotional moments in every parent’s life is the first time they are defeated by their child, understanding how much their child has grown up. Thus, we will demonstrate our modern games, and also give families a strong reason to spend leisure time playing board games.

Brand: Hasbro Gaming
Client: Hasbro
Agency: OMD Media Direction

Banco Popular Dominicano | Tarjeta Orbit

Tarjeta de crédito diseñada por y para jóvenes entre los 18 y 24 años de edad, que les permite construir su historial crediticio y al mismo tiempo disfrutar de un plan de beneficios exclusivo y personalizado.

Brand: Orbit Popular
Client: Banco Popular Dominicano
Agency: Liquid Digital Agency

Don't Search It

Rural teen boys grow up in cultures that accept smokeless tobacco (“dip”) as a part of life. And because cigarettes have been the focal point of decades of public health communication, dip usage is largely ignored. This campaign is designed to educate rural teen boys about the health consequences of dip by tapping into what makes them unique: their natural curiosity and native digital search behaviors. With a unique “anti-call-to-action,” we dared them to engage with us, creating an innovative way to communicate the serious health consequences of dip use.

Brand: FDA's The Real Cost
Client: FDA Center for Tobacco Products
Agency: FCB New York

2019_sg_2019_21_hero_1 Martell NCF The Curious Crew
2019_us_2019_e-3590-053_hero_1 5 Gum 5 Gum: Regrets to Fight Regrets
2019_mn_2019_268_hero_1 Babyshop Building a purpose-driven retail brand

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