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A major manufacturing resurgence is underway in America. It's driven by manufacturing software. Siemens is the market leader but few C-Suite executives know this. We needed to capture their attention, showing how Siemens is changing the way manufacturing works. SpaceX used Siemens software to become the first commercial company to launch a rocket to the International Space Station. We used TV and long form film to re-tell the story, supported by a multi-channel program. So far, sales are projected to reach over $100mm, nearly three times the target.

Brand: Siemens USA
Client: Siemens USA
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Samsung Now

Curtin Emerson Ransick's "Samsung NOW" campaign for Samsung Semiconductor sought primarily to change the market's perception of Samsung from a blank supplier of commodity semiconductor products to an upbeat, contemporary supplier of state-of-the-art products. Using adventurous design and attention-getting contemporary illustration, the campaign's ads and inserts also dramatize product benefits, generate inquiries and facilitate sales effort.

Brand: Samsung Semiconductors
Client: Samsung Semiconductors
Agency: Curtin Emerson Ransick

We Deliver

The "We Deliver" campaign was designed overall to create positive conceptions of the U.S. Postal Service among America consumers by reminding them of the vital service the Postal Service provides the public, which in turn will positively predispose them to product-specific messages for Express Mail. The specific marketing objective was to increase Express Mail service volume by +15% and revenues by +10% versus YAG results.

Brand: Express Mail
Client: U.S. Postal Service
Agency: Young & Rubicam New York

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