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Education is at the forefront of Effie's initiatives. Effie collaborates with marketers at each stage of their career as an essential part of their effectiveness toolkit.

Though the Effie Academy, our priority is to develop innovative programs that make marketers better, ingraining effectiveness in them and their buisnesses.

Effectiveness Bootcamp

The Effectiveness Bootcamp is a two-part training program that teaches marketers early in their career, across all disciplines within the marketing ecosystem, how to evaluate and achieve effective marketing initiatives. 

The bootcamp includes an immersive learning experience over four consecutive days.  The curriculum focuses on Effie’s four pillars for achieving marketing effectiveness and leverages winning Effie case analysis and project work to highlight those pillars. Six weeks following the onsite learning experience, participants apply their learnings to an independent case study project relevant to their business.  Upon successful completion, candidates earn an Effie Marketing Effectiveness Certificate.

Upcoming Bootcamps:

  • Beijing: January 14-17, 2020
  • New York City: February 10-13, 2020
  • San Francisco:  September 14-17, 2020

Learn more about upcoming bootcamps and submit your application here >
Email questions to: bootcamp@effie.org

Learning Sessions

The Effie Academy Learning Session is a customized and immersive program for brands, agencies, platforms and cross organizational teams, designed to inspire and edcuate on the drivers of effective marketing strategies. 

Past Effie Learning Sessions have been conducted at Colgate, Office Depot, P&G, Facebook, VMLY&R and others.

 Learning Sessions requests may be emailed to: academy@effie.org.

Effie Collegiate

​Created with the intent to educate and inspire the marketers of tomorrow, Effie Collegiate is a multi-dimensional program that bridges the gap between major brands and Millennials/Generation Z.  

The competition provides students with the opportunity to research, ideate and execute comprehensive marketing communications plans that address professional-level marketing challenges.

Learn more about our programs in the US & LATAM:

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