Featured Case Studies

7-Second Resumes

Grads of Life needed a campaign that could transform the perceptions and practices of hiring managers and give opportunity youth a fair chance at employment. 7-Second Resumes was an innovative video format that broke through short attention spans and highlighted the overlooked life skills of these youth. By significantly increasing candidate familiarity and perceptions, we grew average monthly web inquiries from 2 to 45 and changed the way companies view nontraditional talent.

Brand: Grads of Life
Client: Grads of Life
Agency: 22squared

Prescribed to Death

How can you get Americans to take the threat of prescription opioids seriously when they don’t believe addiction can happen to them? This was National Safety Council's challenge as they sought to quell the surging prescription opioid epidemic. By creating a moving personal experience that helped people see themselves in the crisis, NSC was able to combat misperceptions about the epidemic. The resulting program established NSC as a leader in the fight against the prescription opioid epidemic and gave 1 million+ Americans a tool to protect themselves from addiction.

Brand: National Safety Council
Client: National Safety Council
Agency: Energy BBDO

Diageo Pretty Simple Drinks

In 2017, shoppers bought way more wine and beer, and way fewer Diageo spirits. Why? Because even though spirit shoppers wanted to serve beautiful cocktails during at-home gatherings, the intimidation and complexity of cocktails was causing them to switch to wine and beer in-store. That’s why we developed a multi-brand program with five Diageo brands– showing just how easy it is to create Instagram-worthy cocktails in under 60 seconds. Ultimately, we provided shoppers with all the ingredients, education, and inspiration needed to make Pretty. Simple. Drinks.

Brand: Diageo
Client: Diageo North America
Agency: TracyLocke

Robocalls from Humans

ALS is a devastating disease that deteriorates your body, before ultimately taking away your voice. The Steve Gleason Enduring Voices Act ensured that ALS patients would be provided with the expensive Speech Generating Devices they rely on to speak, but it was set to expire in October 2018. To build support for this bill, we used the very technology ALS patients use to “reverse robocall” politicians, and break through the political noise. Constituents, too, could go online to ask Congress-members for support. Ultimately, we helped pass this important law, permanently.

Brand: Team Gleason
Client: Team Gleason
Agency: Ogilvy


How does a 135-year-old regional bank with low awareness, low consideration, and very low marketing spend capture outsized interest? With “Unfund/Fund,” Bank of the West gave customers the needed emotional permission to look past its’ competitive deficiencies. More importantly, we’re redefining what is important in banking: shared values, an arena where Bank of the West can compete and win. Retail checking accounts are up 16% over prior year and at launch the bank had the biggest month for new customer acquisition in 7 years.

Brand: Bank of the West
Client: Bank of the West
Agency: the community san francisco


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