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Hunt the Truth

What becomes of old heroes? How many ways can they save the day before we take them for granted? Halo is one of the biggest franchises in video game history. Since 2001, millions have donned the armor to become the Master Chief: the super soldier who saves humanity from alien threats. 14 years and 10 games later, gamers had begun to grow weary of the Chiefs adventures. The Chief needed a fresh start, and this is the story of that rebirth.

Brand: Halo 5: Guardians
Client: Microsoft
Agency: twofifteenmccann

Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2, a video game in the survival-horror genre, is the sequel to one of the most grotesque video games ever. But this genre is a little too gruesome for mainstream gamers tastes, limiting our ability to break into the more lucrative action games market. With a unique, universal insight that moms hate what gamers love we created a campaign that broke through to the mainstream, reaching a new, broader audience, and significantly exceeded launch expectations.

Brand: Dead Space 2
Client: Electronic Arts, Inc.
Agency: Draftfcb San Francisco

Halo 4: An Ancient Evil Awakens

Halo 3 was enormously successful, but after five years without a new game, Halo was on the verge of becoming obsolete. Halo 4 needed to reignite passion to save the franchise. We found that gamers wanted the games faceless hero, Master Chief, to show some vulnerability instead of being invincible. We focused our campaign on building up the enemy and recasting Master Chief as the underdog. It worked beyond expectations and reestablished Halo in the first person shooter genre.

Brand: Microsoft Xbox
Client: Microsoft
Agency: twofifteenmccann


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