Featured Cases: Renaissance/Brand Revitalization

These Effie-winning campaigns helped brands reverse declines in performance, improve their reputations and achieve growth.

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Get Closer

Bose had lost momentum to Beats, who had shifted the drivers in the headphones category from the listening experience to style and fashion. We identified a culturally-relevant role for Bose’s listening experience: to help consumers connect more deeply to their passions. The creatives refined this positioning into the campaign idea “Get Closer”. To bring it to life for the QuietComfort35 launch, we emptied the streets of London except for one woman expressing her musical passion through a mesmerizing dance. By campaign end, Bose overtook Beats to become the category leader.

Brand: Bose
Client: Bose
Agency: Grey London

Shattering Perceptions

Chevrolet has over 100 years of history, but the last few have not been kind. Sales, share and brand health were all in decline, a slump that accelerated in 2008. It seemed a case of familiarity breeding contempt: people thought they knew everything there was to know, much of it negative, so many of them found Chevy irrelevant. We had to find a way to reverse the slide, and discovered that surprise could work in our favor to shatter the negative perceptions. 

Brand: Chevrolet
Client: Chevrolet
Agency: Commonwealth//McCann


This paper tells how a much-loved children’s comic transformed itself from a dormant heritage brand into a contemporary entertainment brand for a whole new generation of digital-native kids. Having suffered decades of decline in comic book circulation and an under-performing web platform, Beano bucked the trend and turned its fortunes around to rapid growth in readership both on and offline. Not only that, but ambitious growth targets were quickly surpassed, while awareness and trust scores catapulted beyond expectation. 

Brand: Beano
Client: Beano Studios
Agency: Red Brick Road

Straight From the Bog

The "Straight From the Bog" campaign turned around a long trusted American brand and brought them back to consumers' hearts and consumers' fridges. By connecting the brand in an emotional way and telling consumers about the powerful health benefits of the brand, the campaign managed to turn around a company that had seen declining sales for over 5 years. We did it with a fully integrated campaign that brought the bog to the consumers so they could discover the great taste, health and heritage of the cranberry.

Brand: Ocean Spray
Client: Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.
Agency: Arnold Worldwide

Coffee VS Gangs

Kenco has long been a brand with a purpose, driven by the belief that commercial gain can and should go hand-in-hand with the delivery of social good. An ethical stance has long been part of Kencos DNA, but as competitors followed their lead their ethical leadership position was eroded, and Kencos sales suffered. •Coffee Vs Gangs marks the revitalisation of Kencos brand purpose and the defence of its profitable, premium-priced position in the market, through the creation of a pioneering educational programme: we offered disadvantaged young Hondurans a new chance in life by training them as coffee farmers.

Brand: Kenco
Client: Jacobs Douwe Egberts
Agency: J. Walter Thompson


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