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Love of our time

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Communication strategy before FY2017 responded to the need in escaping from reality (“passive expression of romance”) by drawing the picture of “ideal” love. But next to the dramatic change of audience values in the field of gender relations, another need has entered the picture: active living your own love in reality (“active expression of romance”)*. The success of online video “How do you love?” (2017) has confirmed the effectiveness of the brand’s response to this need. *Source: Millward Brown, Main Elements of the Romance Phenomenon, FY2015

Objectives: Project goal: improve the audience’s emotional involvement with the brand in social media to gain ROI exceeding the ROI of regular content. Key numbers (compared to regular content): - Improvement of media value of brand presence in social media using the growth of organic views from 18%* to 25% (% of organic views of paid views). - Audience coverage grew by 30% from 15.4 million** to 20 million people. - Growth of the number of brand references in social media by 10%. - Growth of the number of positive brand references in social media from 14%** to 20% *agency_data **Youscan

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian