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Solution Sharp

The 1995 Sharp Electronics "Solution Sharp" advertising campaign was a highly effective multi-media program that has exceeded all of the advertising/marketing goals.

Brand: Sharp Electronics Corporation
Client: Sharp Electronics Corporation
Agency: Griffin Bacal Inc.

AT&T True USA Savings and AT&T True Rewards

Exceeded goals by not just maintaining share, but growing share, and far surpassed enrollment objectives for True USA Savings and True Rewards during the fiercest year of competition in the category. Before AT&T and FCB/Leber Katz Partners introduced the "Your True Voice" campaign, AT&T had experienced a decade of free-falling share decline. AT&T needed a powerful campaign to re-establish its value proposition. To this end, AT&T True USA Savings and AT&T True Rewards were introduced. By encouraging customers to enroll in these programs as well as challenging misperceptions in the marketplace, AT&T not only met the goal of maintaining share in 1994, but showed share growth; greatly surpassed 1994 enrollment objectives for True USA Savings and True Rewards, and dramatically improved customer perceptions along three vital measures.

Brand: AT&T
Client: AT&T
Agency: FCB/Leber Katz Partners


Vlasic has created a new unique kind of pickle that has taken the category by storm. Called Sandwich Stackers, they are long flat slices of pickle designed to go inside of sandwiches to give sandwiches extra taste. By creating a new pickle to go inside sandwiches instead of the traditional along side sandwiches, Vlasic has made Sandwich Stackers an exciting and integrated component of the sandwich itself. Where as pickles used to be a "nice-to-have" accompaniment to sandwiches, Sandwich Stackers are becoming a "have-to-have" part of every sandwich.

Brand: Vlasic Sandwich Stackers
Client: Campbell Soup Company
Agency: FCB/Leber Katz Partners

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