Brand Experience: Combination (Live, Virtual/360)

This category showcases how a brand experience beyond traditional advertising can be created. Work that brings a brand or product to life and interacts with a specific target through live and virtual/360 experiences should be entered.



OREO Daily Twist

On March 6, 2012, OREO celebrated its 100th Birthday. After launching a very successful campaign, the brand was left with quite a challenge. OREO was at its highest awareness and sales levels ever, but this 100 year old cookie needed to become more modern and even more successful throughout the year. OREO launched a first of its kind social media campaign, which tapped into contemporary culture in real time, every day. This resulted in an onslaught of media coverage, consumer engagement, and exceeded YAG net revenue by 6.7%.

Brand: OREO
Client: Mondelez International
Agency: Draftfcb


IBMs Watson communications ensured that a computer competing on Jeopardy! became a business and cultural phenomenon, and turned a game into serious commercial payback. To avoid irrational fears and create interest, the key was to make humanity the winner. A fully integrated Paid, Owned and Earned media campaign drove Jeopardy!s highest ratings in years, created 70% public awareness and forged a cultural icon: the 2011 Webby Person of the Year. Not only did it create a future $1BN category, it also paid back immediately: 21x in revenue and 3x in profit.

Brand: IBM
Client: IBM Corporation
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

The Army Experience Center - Showcasing Today's Army

The U.S. Army needed an innovative way to communicate its values, resources and career opportunities to a new generation of Americans. Conceived and built over a 10-month period in the Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia, the Army Experience Center (AEC) is a 14,500-square-foot technology and education center that immerses visitors in an experience that shatters outdated stereotypes and starts new career conversations. With its touch screen kiosks, state-of-the-art presentation facilities, community events and high-action simulators, the AEC is bringing new ideas and processes to the larger Army recruiting enterprise.

Brand: U.S. Army
Client: United States Army (Office of the Chief Marketing Officer)
Agency: Ignited

2019_us_2019_e-3541-940_hero_1 JetBlue Pie In The Sky
2019_us_2019_e-4120-403_hero_1 FM Global FM Global Earthquake Simulator
2018_ar_2018_06_hero_1 Honda Motor Argentina Airbag

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