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What's Your Global Priority?

The USPS was a late comer to the international expedited market and was far behind their main competitors, FedEx and UPS, who had established themselves and the definition of what it took to bean player in this market. Unfortunately, the USPS did not have a product that matched that definition and their most marketable potential entry for growth, Global Priority Mail, was not performing up to expectations. Advertising had to jump start the brand and do it quickly. "What's Your Global Priority?" did just that and did it in a big way with revenue growth of +80% behind the advertising, far exceeding the aggressive goal of +25%, helping to give the USPS a winning entry to the all-important international expedited market.

Brand: Global Priority Mail From The United States Postal Service
Client: United States Postal Service
Agency: FCB New York

Get the Duck to do it.

A new brand and product utilize television advertising for the first time in a regional launch, and achieve spectacular sales and research results.

Brand: Duck Brand Correct It Roller
Client: Manco, Inc.
Agency: DDB Chicago

What's Your Priority?

The "What's Your Priority?" campaign came at a critical juncture in the history of the USPS; without a dramatic turn-around for Priority Mail the Postal Service was in real danger of being excluded from the highest margin, highest growth market, the Expedited & Package Service segment, in the entire delivery industry. The stakes were high, the competition formidable and the objective daunting, but the advertising overcame them all and surpassed even the wildest of expectations. What's more, as the only change in the entire product portfolio for Priority Mail was advertising, therefore the "What's your Priority?" campaign is responsible for the +648% rate of growth, +592%MM in revenue and the vastly improved product image and brand awareness.

Brand: Priority Mail From The United States Postal Service
Client: United States Postal Service
Agency: FCB New York

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