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The Lady Prefers Hanes

"The Lady Prefers Hanes" campaign for Hanes Hosiery was developed first to modernize the Hanes name and image, and second to grow awareness and trial of Hanes. Through a successful and long-running prior campaign ("Gentlemen Prefer Hanes"), Hanes business had grown but Hanes retained a somewhat stodgy, old fashioned image.

Brand: Hanes
Client: Hanes Hosiery, Inc.
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Toddler University

To position Toddler University as the smartest choice within the category because TU engineers shoes specifically for kids- offering the prime combination of technological superiority, customized fit, and unique styling. Also, to generate awareness and interest in the new company and depict Toddler University as a major player in the market.

Brand: Toddler University
Client: Toddler U, Inc.
Agency: Angotti, Thomas, Hedge, Inc.

G.H. Bass & Co.

The G.H. Bass & Co. once owned a huge brand equity, i.e. a well recognized name and a large number of consumers who have or had experience with the Brand. The advertising campaign's goal is to re-reestablish Bass as a leader in American Casual Style through a new commitment to quality. The goal of contemporizing the Brand image without losing the Heritage of the company is the foundation of the campaign.

Brand: Bass
Client: G.H. Bass & Co.
Agency: Lintas: Worldwide

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