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Holiday '91

Brand: Timex
Client: Timex Corp.
Agency: Fallon-McElligott

Back to School '92

Brand: Lee
Client: The Lee Co.
Agency: Fallon-McElligott

The Lady Prefers Hanes

"The Lady Prefers Hanes" campaign for Hanes Hosiery was developed first to modernize the Hanes name and image, and second to grow awareness and trial of Hanes. Through a successful and long-running prior campaign ("Gentlemen Prefer Hanes"), Hanes business had grown but Hanes retained a somewhat stodgy, old fashioned image.

Brand: Hanes
Client: Hanes Hosiery, Inc.
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

2019_uk_2019_e-356-272_hero_1 adidas adidas x London – Created by Londoners, for Londoners
2018_ru_2018_821_hero_1 Ostin Style in 90 seconds
2018_na_2018_e-2624-703_hero_1 New Balance Everyday Performance

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