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Left Swipe Dat

In 2015, truth needed to reaffirm its status as a relevant brand in youth culture. Our audience didnt relate to smoking scare-tactics or typical celebrity spokespeople, so we needed a new way in. To capture their attention, we tapped the one thing teens care about mosthooking upand shared the fact that smoking decreases your desirability. We partnered with ten teen-admired internet Influencers to co-create and distribute an original song and music video called Left Swipe Dat that entered the music conversation by premiering at The 2015 Grammy Awards.

Brand: Truth Initiative
Client: Truth Initiative
Agency: 72andSunny


How do you get a young audience focused on the Kardashians to embrace their humanity as global citizens and to care about crises half a world away? To tackle this, we built the worlds first tool enabling people to donate their social newsfeeds for a day, posting reports from the field. We partnered with influential social celebrities to launch #ShareHumanity and encourage their followings to give a voice to the voiceless. Through a network effect, we shared thousands of crisis posts, getting the word out about World Humanitarian Day, driving Millennial support and press coverage for the cause.

Brand: United Nations OCHA
Client: United Nations OCHA
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Once You've Got It, You Get It.

FiOS customers love 100% fiber optic FiOS, but prospects don't really get what all the fuss is about. Here’s why: experiencing 100% fiber optics for yourself makes all the difference. Basically, “once you’ve got it you get it.” Don’t get it? Hear customers put it in their own words. You can even tweet them a question. If you still don’t get it, we just might surprise you in your home and demonstrate the difference. In the end, enough people “got it” to set a sales record and obliterate our KPIs.

Brand: Verizon FiOS
Client: Verizon FiOS
Agency: McCann New York

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