Brands that connect and establish relationships with their audience’s key influencers are the ones to learn from.



Online Series "AguMoms. Moms will test"

Brand: Agusha
Client: PepsiCo
Agency: Red Communication Group

Left Swipe Dat

In 2015, truth needed to reaffirm its status as a relevant brand in youth culture. Our audience didnt relate to smoking scare-tactics or typical celebrity spokespeople, so we needed a new way in. To capture their attention, we tapped the one thing teens care about mosthooking upand shared the fact that smoking decreases your desirability. We partnered with ten teen-admired internet Influencers to co-create and distribute an original song and music video called Left Swipe Dat that entered the music conversation by premiering at The 2015 Grammy Awards.

Brand: Truth Initiative
Client: Truth Initiative
Agency: 72andSunny


How do you get a young audience focused on the Kardashians to embrace their humanity as global citizens and to care about crises half a world away? To tackle this, we built the worlds first tool enabling people to donate their social newsfeeds for a day, posting reports from the field. We partnered with influential social celebrities to launch #ShareHumanity and encourage their followings to give a voice to the voiceless. Through a network effect, we shared thousands of crisis posts, getting the word out about World Humanitarian Day, driving Millennial support and press coverage for the cause.

Brand: United Nations OCHA
Client: United Nations OCHA
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

2019_ca_2019_e-165-142_hero_1 Canadian Paralympic Committee The Paralympic Network
2019_ru_2019_1733_hero_1 Lipton Ice Tea Lipton Ice Tea TUSINARUSI
2019_ru_2019_1820_hero_1 Hexoral Hexoral - Sick Extinguisher #1

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