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Love Your Imperfections 1

Due to an innovative and free competition Meetic struggles to benefit from the market growth. To justify our price premium we needed to build value for money and brand consideration. Whereas the competitors are using new technological features to recruit members, Meetic focuses on singles empowerment and authentic encounters. –LOVE YOUR IMPERFECTIONS”: their new fight to put singles in the best emotional mind-set to make encounters. By investing on authenticity and singles empowerment, the brand has re-established its societal modernity, regained in consideration and had a 20% registration increase.

Brand: Meetic/Match
Client: Meetic Group (Meetic/Match)
Agency: Buzzman

20 years without potholes

Brand: Cemex
Client: Cemex
Agency: V09

Finland Emojis

Brand: Finland
Client: The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Agency: hasan & partners Oy

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2019_au_2019_051_hero_1 Alinta Energy We give it to you straight
2019_au_2019_044_hero_1 HP Say It With A Sprocket

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