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„The boss and the rest” pracuj.pl campaign is built around a boss whose hit and miss ideas give his employees some food for thought. It started in the fall of 2017 to promote an app, build and sustain brand awareness and to change attitudes towards the job market. “See, if you are not looking” endline encourages being up to date with offers even while not actively looking for employment. Using television and Internet (YT and FB, www, banners) the campaign risen TOP of the brand to 69%, awareness that pracuj.pl can be access via an app by 36% and app downloads by 73%.

Brand: Pracuj.pl
Client: Pracuj.pl
Agency: Scholz & Friends Warsaw

Kid’s Day at McDonald's

Kid's Day was perceived as a feast for children - the fun, games and gifts were organized for them. To distinguish itself from the competitors McDonald's stood before the task: how to redefine the character of this day so that it was attractive to adults too? The answer was the idea "we are all children" that showed that being a child is not only a metric, but also being spontaneous, eager to play, etc. The creative idea implementation boosted sales to the record sales level in the McDonald's Poland history!

Brand: McDonald's
Client: McDonald’s Poland
Agency: DDB Warsaw (DDB & Tribal)

Comer sano no cuesta más

En un contexto de crisis económica y caída del consumo, toda la categoría de supermercados optó por una guerra comunicacional de bajos precios, promociones y descuentos. Ahora, ¿cómo lograr diferenciarse y lograr crecer en este contexto adverso?. La estrategia consistió́ en derribar el mito de que “comer sano cuesta caro”, porque desde ahora VEA iba a demostrar que comer saludablemente era posible aún ahorrando, golazo! Y eso se transformó en el propósito de la marca, ser un facilitador para que las personas puedan tener una alimentación saludable sin gastar de más.

Brand: Vea
Client: Cencosud
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

2019_ru_2019_2206_hero_1 Beko Social Flashmob "Eat like a Pro. Pass of Fair"
2018_au_2018_16_hero_1 Ford Fear is good
2018_au_2018_17_hero_1 Nulon Born This Way

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