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Photo Ar

40% of animal species face risk of extinction today. However massive volumes of content made people indifferent to this problem. Photo Ark is a project where extinct animals come to live. Thanks to Visual Recognition technology, a truly simple action paid people’ attention to the problem and to National Geographic Channel. Number of National Geographic Channel subscriptions increased as of 10%, as 27% of subscriptions revenues were donated to National Geographic Society to support projects and investigations dedicated to saving and protecting the Earth

Brand: National Geographic Russia
Client: Fox Network Group Russia. National Geographic Channel.
Agency: Mindshare

Konzum "Zdravoljupci"

Usprkos činjenici da voće i povrće nisu omiljene namirnice hrvatskih potrošača, kategorija je važna pri odabiru mjesta kupnje. Konzum je 2016. bio vodeći lanac prema percepciji ponude svježeg voća i povrća, no tijekom 2017. izgubio je tu poziciju. Kako djeca i roditelji mogu poticati jedni druge na promjenu prehrambenih navika, prilagođenom smo komunikacijom ciljali razne skupine potrošača. Kampanjom smo zasjenili slične aktivnosti konkurencije, povećali broj kupaca, prosječnu potrošnju u prodavaonicama, popravili percepciju Konzuma kao mjesta za kupnju svježeg voća i povrća te utjecali na promjenu prehrambenih navika potrošača.

Brand: Konzum
Client: Konzum
Agency: McCann d.o.o.

New communication code by Kotex

Competition in the feminine care category is strong due to the complex audience switching. Therefore, personal experience and trial purchase are very important for business growth. We have created new code of communication with girls in VKontakte with the help of kitty Anfisa’s stickers, branded videos and coupons via chatbot. 114 000 girls have used the coupon (exceeded the forecasts in 3,8 times). The conversion of those who received coupons was 5,7% (average 2%). The cost of a trial purchase reduced in 2,5 times versus standard mechanics without territorial limits!

Brand: Kotex
Client: KimberlyClark LLC
Agency: Mindshare

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