Media Innovation - New Channel Creation

This award showcases those who had the insight and creativity to create a new media channel to effectively grab their audience and effectively engage with them.



LinkedIn-China WeChat Account

Brand: LinkedIn
Client: Linkedin
Agency: Linkedin

More than a sign

Client: Business Partner LLC (
Agency: Young and Rubicam FMS LLC

Tencent Online Game “We Fire”-Kris Wu H5 Fan Marketing

Brand: Tencent Online Game “We Fire”
Client: Tencent
Agency: BlueFocus Digital

2018_mn_2018_e-698-056_hero_1 McDonald's GCC Big Tasty Online Challenge
2018_ua_2018_32_hero_1 Hansa #warmstory
2017_ru_2017_052_hero_1 M.Video Let it play

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