Healthcare - Rx - Consumer/DTC

Efforts for prescription required drugs that are directed to patients and/or consumers.  Note: Entrants must detail any regulatory challenges that impacted the effort.



Asthma Control Test

This new campaign for Flovent attempted to challenge the way asthmatics thought about treating their disease. Instead of accepting daily symptoms such as coughing and wheezing as a way of life, we educated them about the actual cause of their symptoms and the fact that they could prevent them from happening in the first place. The effort was a tremendous success. Brand awareness and sales more than tripled in the first year and today Flovent is Glaxo Welcomes larges brand on a worldwide basis.

Brand: Flovent
Client: Glaxo Wellcome
Agency: Grey Worldwide

The Lower Numbers You're Looking For

The Lower Numbers You're Looking For campaign was created to dramatically drive broad, fast awareness of the superiority of Lipitor. In addition, the goals were to motivate patients to ask their patients to ask their doctors about Lipitor and to improve current users to continue therapy.

Brand: Lipitor
Client: Warner-Lambert, Parke Davis
Agency: Bates USA


The Precision UV contact lens was the first disposable contact lens to protect the eye from harmful UV rays. However, concept testing revealed that most consumers did not realize the danger of UV eye radiation. Fortunately agency and client developed a critical insight: link UV skin danger with UV eye danger. By demonstrating this analogy simply and visually, consumers worldwide became very interested in the lens.

Brand: Precision UV Disposable Contact Lenses
Client: Pilkington Barnes Hind, Inc.
Agency: DDB Chicago

2019_he_2019_e-3546-044_hero_1 Contrave Hate Your Cravings
2019_he_2019_e-4143-739_hero_1 Vraylar Precarious-Providing Balance to Bipolar I Patients
2018_he_2018_e-2844-110_hero_1 OTEZLA SHOWING

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