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Efforts for prescription required drugs that are directed to patients and/or consumers.  Note: Entrants must detail any regulatory challenges that impacted the effort.



Allergy Personality

The objective of the Zyrtec integrated campaign is to differentiate Zyrtec from the competition and grow market share faster than the rate of the category by targeting heavy users of Rx allergy medicines. All communication features individuals who identify themselves by their list of specific indoor and outdoor allergies. Zyrtec wants their target to believe that Zyrtec understands their allergies and because it is the only one FDA- approved to treat year-round indoor and outdoor allergies, it's effectiveness will help them experience a better quality of life.

Brand: Zyrtec
Client: Pfizer Inc.
Agency: Deutsch Inc.

What it is /What it feels like

In the highly competitive SSRI category, it was crucial for Paxil's success to differentiate itself from the competition. By building upon its first successful SAD campaign, Paxil looked to attract a broader group of moderate to severe suffers. Our goals were to increase sales versus same period YAG by +20%, increase patient drug request and to grow our share in the anxiety segment of the category.

Brand: Paxil
Client: GlaxoSmithKline
Agency: McCann-Erickson

Make every day count

In 2000, Centocor launched Remicade with the "Make every day count" campaign on television, in print. The campaign was designed to create awareness and positive impressions of Remicade, leveraging the promise of long lasting relief from the pain and stiffness of Rheumatoid Arthritis to encourage consumers to ask their physicians if Remicade is right for them.

Brand: Remicade
Client: Centocor
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

2019_he_2019_e-3546-044_hero_1 Contrave Hate Your Cravings
2019_he_2019_e-4143-739_hero_1 Vraylar Precarious-Providing Balance to Bipolar I Patients
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